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Certified health coaching founded from a passion to help others take control of their health


At Elevation Wellness, I believe in taking a one-on-one, individualized approach to health coaching because I know that every person's needs and goals are unique. Whether you're an individual ready to take control of your health or a Doctor looking to meet patient demand for holistic alternatives, I look forward to helping you achieve success!


Let's talk! Call for a FREE initial telephone consultation to discuss your health history and wellness goals.

In Home

Schedule an in-home session to strategize health goals discussed during your initial phone consultation, learn how to decode confusing food labels, explore budget friendly/high quality food choices, and do a refridgerator/pantry makeover!

Diet & Detox

Meal planning is intimidating. Let me create personalized recipes and meal plans for you! I can also save you time with grocery shopping by taking you on grocery, farmers market, and online grocery store tours. Additional cleaning supply and skin care detox services are avilable as well.


Get continued support via email, phone, and in-home consults, as needed.

About Colleen

Colleen Kincius is a Certified Health Coach with over 7 years of experience in doing what she loves most;
sharing her knowledge of and love for holistic health with those who need it most.

Her passion led her to pursue a Bachelors of General Studies degree with a minor in Health Education through IUPUI, as that route provided the most abundant access to classes that would best shape her career. Her favorite classes were Principles and Applications of Lifestyle Wellness, Personal Health, Nutrition for Health, Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Health, Environmental Health Science, Stress Prevention & Management, Principles and Practices of Exercise Science, Health Problems in the Community, and Families & Society. Colleen obtained her Health Coaching certification through the Doctor Sears Wellness Institute, specializing in promoting healthy lifestyles to families, pregnant and expecting mothers, and seniors.

Her philosopy is simple; Eat REAL food. Creating a positive, fun, and flexible relationship with food that doesn't involve calorie counting, deprivation, or diet labeling is what she's all about... because it works!


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Serving EVERYONE in The Greater Indianapolis Area

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Giving Back

I believe that personal health is intimately and undeniably tied to the health of our community. In support of this, I pledge to donate a percentage of your personal investment to...

  • patachou foundation

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